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2011 Summit Video

Video Winners – Jada C. & Sammy G. – You guys rock!

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2011 Poster Winner! Way to go, Nykalla!

Dirtball Fun & Stories –

Look out! It’s Julianna B.

This is Julianna and I’m gonna tell you what I did with the dirtball, first of all, I was in trouble so my mom had let me free for 45 minutes. To begin with I had gotten the ball from inside and brought it out. When I got the ball I started to kick it around. My mom and sister were helping me to try to get it dirty, but the dirt wouldn’t stick to it. My sister and I even soaked it until it was like water dripping from a waterfall. So as soon as we did that we rolled it back and forth, back and forth, in a pile of dirt. “Did it work?” “No!” So soon after when we got into it we bounced it in the air and counted how many times we could clap with it in the air. After it went wobbling every where I was the catcher so one time I ran as fast as I could to get the ball and there I go running into my mom’s new car with the ball bouncing on the trunk. Being the coach is really hard. You run so fast you feel like you’re getting chased by a cheetah. Chelsea, my sister, tried to throw and it landed on her face “ouch” she said with a whisper. Also, I couldn’t stop running myself I almost went through a car window. A few minutes later there was a hole in the tree so we began throwing it in their nonstop. When we were all finished all 3 of us were like “that was so much fun” and that’s how it ended.

-Julianna B.

I went to the park and as soon as I got out of the car I started dribbling the ball from the parking lot all the way onto the field inside of the park. I played soccer for about 30 minutes; I kicked the ball all around the field while running along. After that I dribbled the ball back to the car and I put it inside of a bad to bring it back to school. It was good exercise and then we went back home.

-Eternal A.

“Is it dirty yet?” “Is it dirty yet?” “Is it?” “NOOOO!!!!” I yelled from the very top of my lungs, at my litter sisters, Amelia and Arlean. My sisters and I played with the dirtball, the first way we played with the ball was playing soccer; the second way was making up our own game. Playing with the dirtball was a moving experience.

First of all, we played with the dirtball by playing soccer. If you were there you would have seen four girls getting ready for a good game soccer. When we were done with that we started the game we were split into teams of 2. Swushh! The other team scored a goal and our team scored a goal and our team. But right then Amelia made a great pass. Swushhh! The ball popped right into the goal. By the end of the game my dirtball was pretty dirty. I was nothing but satisfied at the end of the game.

In addition, we also played with the dirtball by making up our own game which was basketball/football. This is how the game went, you dribble like in basketball, but the goal is like a football goal. My team won by 1 point. It was a great game and I knew for sure that it was going to be a regular game from then on.

In conclusion, we played with the dirtball by playing soccer and making our own game up. I will miss the dirtball but I can always play with a normal one too.

-Sheniece D.

I played basketball, bonus pass, just regular pass, etc. I played Dirt ball and skipped around. I probably made new friends but I mostly had fun. I know that counts. It kept me bust and it kept other people busy. I was happy to see other people smiling and laughing like mad people or a hilarious clown. The Dirt ball accidently hit a 3rd grader in the back of the head, but she was alright. We even played 4 square, but I lost the first time and the second.

-Pamela M.

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