Orange Grove Elementary

I was swimming in my pool and got out to play with the ball and we started rolling around in the leaves boy did we have some fun. I think i got a little more dirty than the ball did.

Cecelia- Now THAT’s getting it dirty!
My sister and I played soccer in the backyard

I played with my dirt ball at the soccer field. I also used it in a weird version of hide and seek. I had a great time doing what I like and playing with friends.

Mrs. Jurkovic,

I had so much fun playing with the dirtball. I went out front kicked it around,
played some kickball with my siblings and bounced it like a basketball. I agree
with Kidz Bite Back about the couch potatoe companies. Getting out to play is
not only fun but good for your health. Thanks for letting me play with the dirtball.
Thank you,
Zachary – Ms.Tomalo’s class

My mom and I played 2 square with the Dirtball.

– Duke

I went to the beach and kicked the dirtball around with my daddy and mommy. I had a lot of fun.



Before my family planted seeds in our garden, my mom and I played catch in the dirt and got it dirty. My neighbor watched and we all laughed!

Then my mom hosed me off with cold water from the hose. After, I went inside to take a hot bath and do my homework.


Orange Grove’s Poster Winners!

1st Place Winner – Britney A.

2nd Place Winner – Rhiannaon I.

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