Kidz Videos

Here’s How it Works:

Kidz work together to create a video that delivers a message about Big Fat Industries and Couch Potato Companies. The video can be a skit, rap, song, dance, or anything else creative that they come up with!

  • The video must be approx. 60 seconds in length
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See one of last years’  Most Creative videos: Watch Now >>

Videos Submitted

Westside Elementary Video – One of the most creative videos!

Kate Sullivan Elementary Video – One of the most professional!

Lake Orienta Elementary Video – One of the most popular!

Lee Elementary Video – A video with the best message!

Other Videos:

Campus Charter Elementary video submissions – Awesome!

Lee Elementary video submissions – Great job!

Belcher Elementary Video – Awesome!

Roosevelt Video – Very COOL!!

RL Stevenson Video – Nice job, Kidz!

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