Louis Sheffields Summit...They did an excellent job!

Louis Sheffields Summit…They did an excellent job!

Kidz Bite Back Summit

Kick-off event

Summits are where Kidz Advocates (student leaders) educate their classmates becoming Kidz on Kidz Bite Back 101, which includes Big Fat Industries, Couch Potato Companies and the basics of living healthy through a hard-hitting, 1-hour PowerPoint presentation. After kids see Kidz Bite Back 101, they are literally smarter than most adults on the topics.

boy speaking 6Kidz Spreadin’ the Word
Share what you’ve learned

Kidz spread the word using Kidz Bite Back 101 to their parents, relatives, neighbors and just about anyone who will listen. Just like Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, with great power comes great responsibility. Kidz’ responsibility is to spread the word.

Riverside poster 1Poster Creation
Show your creativity

Kidz put their artistic talents to work to craft a message – and the result is a poster with a point! Learn More >>

PrYme Time YMCA Callahan Kidz Bite Back 2014  023DirtBall
Get physical

DirtBall is a bright white kickball for Kidz to get out and play – and it’s totally unique and only for Kidz. Learn More >>

Kidz Videos
Star in your own informational video

Kidz work together and make a short video to send a message to Big Fat Industries and Couch Potato Companies. Judges select the top videos and post on the website for the general public to vote American Idol-style. Learn More >>

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