Kidz Bite Back has collaborated with children’s hospitals, health departments, school districts, health foundations to craft and implement Kidz Bite Back, which was formally evaluated from 2007-2010 as a scientific study by the University of South Florida, College of Public Health, as well as other independent evaluators in following years.  The results revealed:

  • Teachers, principals and parents reported Kidz Bite Back to have increased students’ academic achievement, social interaction and self-esteem.
  • 72% of parents reported their kids involvement in Kidz Bite Back led to their family eating and drinking less fast food, soft drinks and junk food.
  • Over half of the parents (68%) reported a decrease in their family’s television viewing and video game playing as a result of their child’s involvement in Kidz Bite Back.
  • More than half (56%) of parents reported eating more fruits and vegetables, as well as drinking more water (59%), specifically as a result of their children’s involvement in Kidz Bite Back.
  • Half (51%) of parents reporting being more physically active as a result of their children’s participation in Kidz Bite Back.

Kidz Bite Back is regularly evaluated for effectiveness, continual program improvement and efficiencies, as well as to inform crafting new program components. Read the KBB Evaluation Overview. Additional evaluations are available upon request.

Kidz Bite Back has also been named a national model practice by the National Association of County and City Health Officials.

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