Big Fat Industries

Big Fat Industries (fast food, soft drink, junk food industries) target kids with billions in advertising, marketing and free toys to get them to eat and drink their stuff everyday.

Couch Potato Companies

Couch Potato Companies (national TV networks & video game companies) try to get kids to sit on the couch for as many hours as possible each day watching TV and playing video games.

Big Fat Math

You would have to push a lawnmower from one end zone to the other on a football field 124 times to burn off one Larger Oreo Burger King Chocolate Sunday Shake

Kidz Educating Legislators:

West Virginia Kidz educate legislators by presenting KBB 101 to West Virginia State Delegates Hornbuckle, Reynolds and Sponaugle

Kidz Educating Medical School Residents

West Virginia Kidz educate (from left) sponsor Coventry Cares of West Virginia Executive Jim Smallridge, Marshall University (“We are…Marshall”) medical school residents, and Dr. Jamie Jeffrey, pediatrician and public health advocate who is leading Kidz Bite Back in West Virginia.


Youth ages 8 to 12 lead this campaign to expose how Big Fat Industries and Couch Potato Companies take advantage of youth by promoting over-consumption of unhealthy foods and drinks, as well as encouraging over-use of TV watching and video gaming.

KidS don’t get it, But KidZ do. And Kidz are spreading the word to their families, friends, neighbors, classmates – even elected officials who need some education about Big Fat Industries and Couch Potato Companies.

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